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If you’re feeling the pressure to keep kids in your classroom, but don’t have the right tools and training to do so, you’re not alone. With increasing pressure to not suspend kids while also making them academically proficient, you have never been more in the hot seat to make massive shifts to your practice. But it can be done! Author and former secondary teacher and Vice-Principal Kristen Miller has spent 13 years perfecting her practice and is excited to share the tools and strategies she uses to virtually eliminate classroom suspensions, while simultaneously getting her students in a high poverty school to outperform all other math students on campus. In this book you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate outlandish student behavior

  • Work effectively with your Vice Principals

  • Manage the myriad daily pressures you face with grace

  • Identify personal hang-ups, challenges, and barriers preventing you from being your best teacher self

  • Shift your teaching practice to better meet your needs as well as your students’ needs

  • Build relationships with your students while still towing the line

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