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Professional Development, Trainings & Workshops

WHP provides professional development, trainings and workshops to help teachers & school/district staff in a variety of areas.  WHP has implemented these programs effectively and has PROVEN that the implementation of these programs with fidelity yield decreased incidents of student conflict, as well as increased student academic success.  Please look at details below of the PD/trainings/workshops we provide.  Additional support/mentoring/coaching for each training is available at an additional cost.


Looking to certify your school/district members in Restorative Practices? 

WHP provides IIRP-certified training in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Restorative Practices

  • Using Circles Effectively

  • Facilitating Restorative Conferences


Upon completion of each of the above trainings, each participant will receive a book, certificate of completion, and tools and strategies to implement immediately.

WHP recognizes that all schools and districts are different and have different needs; programs, services, and products can be tailored to specific needs of your site/district. 

For partnership opportunities, please contact.

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