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*Student names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.

Student Testimonials


"Since I walked in your class in 10th grade my life changed completely.  You encouraged me, and motivated me without knowing it.  I've never met such a wonderful person in my life like you and without your help I'd probably be homeless with no education and no purpose for life.  Because of you I am now a better person and I can fulfill my dream to become an OB/GYN.  My major in college is Biology and just to say the word college is amazing because college was never an option for me.  You have helped me in so many ways.  I miss your inspiration so much."

Cherelle*, 18 years old, 2009  


"Thank you soooooooooooooo much for truly saving my life. When I had no one to turn to and my mother told me to drop out I walked into your class and everything changed.  The atmosphere and spirit you keep around you is amazing!

Janae*, 15 years old, 2008


"Many of us take for granted the people who deserve our gratitude the most, so I want you to know that I will always be grateful and there will never be a day in my life where I'm not going to look back and remember the one person in my life who gave me hope.  And I forever thank you."

Sarai*, 17 years old, 2010

"Thank you for talking to me and my friends.  Thank you for always being open and willing to support me and the school with anything.  I appreciate you so much.  You are a nice, beautiful, honest, kind, open person.  If I need anyone to talk to I'm hoping you will be open and willing to take some time to talk to me.  I love you!  You are amazing!"

Gianna*, 12 years old, 2017

"I'm writing to you because I really want to thank you for always being a great teacher.  I love your way of teaching and thank you for always being there for me when I need help with anything."

Kilan*, 16 years old, 2007

"I just wanted to write you this letter to tell you how much I appreciate you as a teacher.  Even though I haven't had you for a teacher in awhile, you are still the best teacher that I had since I've been here.  Thank you for being such a great teacher!  You deserve the 'Greatest Teacher in the World' award.  :)  "

Josephine*, 15 years old, 2008

"Thank you 4 carin' - I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to check on me.  And I am very sorry for raising my voice and getting an attitude when you were just trying to help me out.  THANK YOU."

Kelsey*, 16 years old, 2009

Staff Testimonials


"Culturally sensitive and aware, Kristen artfully supports students and families regarding behavior modification techniques, instructional success strategies, and resource.  She is a proactive, confident and assertive leader, maintaining high academic and behavioral expectation, yet still able to establish and maintain caring relationships with students and staff across departments.  She is genuine in her interactions with others and seeks to connect, understand other perspectives, and resolve situations in a mutually positive way.  She is organized, extremely reliable, and expedient in her follow through."

Middle School Counselor, 2018**

"Ms. Miller is an amazing individual who strives to approach everyday through the lens of what is best for children.  Ms. Miller is a caring individual who demonstrates compassion with all our students.  Students know they can come to her if they are having an issue in or out of the classroom.  She is respected  at the school because of the work she puts in and the time she spends getting to know the staff and assisting them with classroom issues.  Kristen is a highly ethical individual who never retreats from her strong internal core values.  This is the most important characteristic in these difficult times for a leader to possess.  I respect and admire Ms. Miller as a professional and as a person."

Middle School Vice Principal, 2018**

"As a colleague, you could not ask for a better person to be on your team.  Whenever I have needed help with curriculum, Kristen has brought fresh new ideas to the table.  She is always willing to help you work through professional issues and see situations through a perspective you had not previously considered.  While it saddens me to consider teaching in a school where Kristen Miller is not present, I am more than confident in her ability to make any school she is at a better one for having her in it.  Her boldness, insight, and intense desire to provide the best for her students are just some of the qualities that make her a true asset wherever she goes."

High School Math Teacher & ASB Advisor, 2016**

"The passion and creativity Kristen brings to her work with students is evidenced by the success of various community projects her Innovation & Design students completed during the 2015-16 school year.  She is a dedicated, hard-working teacher who wants nothing but the best for her students.  For all I have seen in working with Kristen over the last two years, I sincerely recommend her for employment in your district."

High School English Teacher, 2016**

"Kristen has a great bond with her students.  She is open minded and is very passionate about making decisions that are best for all students.  She is committed to the struggling students as well as the high achieving students.  She is creative and innovative in her own life and this, most definitely, translates to her teaching and her potential as a leader.  She is very well liked and respected by peers.  If you are looking for an innovative, passionate teacher, I enthusiastically recommend Kristen Miller."

High School Math Department Chair, 2016**

"Kristen has the knowledge and experience needed to make her credible with colleagues, students and parents.  Her experience, passion, and commitment make her an excellent candidate.  Kristen has demonstrated her ability to coach students on delivering a meaningful presentation of their class learning to industry representatives.  Additionally, Kristen's experience working outside the classroom in the capacity of an engineer has enabled her to convey to her students expectations of the workplace."

CRANE Coordinator, 2016**

"Kristen is a committed teacher that is willing to put the hard work in to see students succeed and is willing to try new creative strategies to support learning.  Kristen's commitment and experience will benefit any staff she is involved with."

Middle School Coordinator, 2014**

"Kristen is concerned about the progress of her students as well as students in general.  She was a great help to me when one of my students was struggling to complete a test because of some difficulties the student was having outside of class.  Ms. Miller comforted the student and allowed him to finish the test in her room so I could so I could continue working with other students.  I highly recommend Kristen Miller to you and trust that she will be as much of a positive influence to your school as she was here."

High School Math Department Chair, 2009**

"Ms. Miller is an enthusiastic, organized, respectful teacher.  She makes sure to connect with students before she teaches them math.  This is evidenced by the fact that she is the recipient of a Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year award.  She was nominated by a student.  Although I have not observed her with her AVID students, the fact that she stepped up to a challenge to expand the AVID program on campus, is a testament to her work ethic and teamwork approach.  It also definitely shows that she believes every student can achieve to high levels."

High School Assistant Principal, 2009**

"Ms. Miller taught AVID with me; this is not a job for just any teacher - it often takes a dedication to students that is much different that that of a core subject teacher, often resulting in an emotional bonding with the class akin to being an on campus parent, eliciting and nurturing the best in the students.  This defines Kristen.  I had only heard about Kristen Miller's qualifications from students and colleagues, but now know firsthand what an outstanding teacher and person she is.  It will not take long for you to observe these qualities too.  I am on one hand saddened and on the other hand excited that my colleague wishes to spread her wings for new opportunities and experiences.  You know how it is when someone with the right productiveness, expertise, motivation, and personality wishes to leave.  How do you fill the gap with someone of the same caliber?"

High School English Department Chair &

AVID Coordinator, 2009**


**Original recommendation letters available upon request.

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