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what is a word that makes you feel empowered?  is there a person in your life who has helped you feel empowered?  at with heart project, we believe that adults hold the key to empowering youth by their words and actions. kids soak up everything we say and do, most of the time without us even knowing. when you purchase a piece of jewelry from with heart, you are choosing to identify and emulate actions and words of people in your life who empowered you to be your best, then boldly acting out your word to empower youth in your life who may be watching (and they are always watching). each piece we create is a work of art that is hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled and assembled with love. proceeds from your purchase go directly to with heart project to provide youth empowerment coaching for teens in the sacramento area.


with the duo classic bracelets you can get two bracelets for $15.  one bracelet could be yours, the other for a child/teen in your life that you'd like to empower.  or... one for you, one for a friend, sibling, partner...  the possibilities are endless!

EMPOWER bracelets (2 for $15)

bracelet #1 metal (see pictures)
bracelet #1 cord (see pictures)
bracelet #2 metal
bracelet #2 cord
  • Every with heart piece is handmade from scratch after you place your custom order.  Please allow 1-3 weeks for the creation of your custom jewelry; note that shipping is not included in that timeframe.  We would like to offer a friendly reminder that each piece is hand-stamped and imperfections add to the originality and charm.

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