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farmers markets

I attended my first farmers market today from the perspective of a vendor. I have been a long-time supporter of farmers markets and love everything they have to offer. Aside from the obvious amazing produce, farmers markets offer a sense of community, people coming together for a common cause.

When I signed up to be a vendor and promote with heart project, I went in with no expectations. Okay, in my perfect world, I would have showed up and everyone in the market would run to my booth and I'd sell out of all of my youth empowerment jewelry by the end of the market. I'm sure you can guess that that didn't happen.

Not even close.

In the 5-hour span that I was there, I sold one bracelet, and made 5 "connections" with the community. I left the farmers market beaming with pride. Some of you might be saying, "But wait. You only sold ONE bracelet - how are you happy with that?"

The thing is - I'm not in this for the money. I'm in this to make a difference. While I was absolutely thrilled that I could help this young woman get through a major life transition by stamping a bracelet with the word "worthy" on it to remind her of her greatness, I was equally thrilled with the 5 "connections" I made with community members.

I made countless connections with anyone who stopped by our booth and offered positive encouragement and affirmation and support for the work I am doing, but the 5 connections that stand out are those that see SUCH value in what I'm doing, that they asked me to come be a part of their world and help the youth in their world. We are off to an amazing start and I couldn't be happier!

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