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Book Launch Party (You're Invited)!!! :)

Friends, family, and colleagues! I am so excited to announce that (unless another pandemic sweeps in), I will be having an in-person book launch party for my second book and would love to see you there! This party is all about coming together to create and/or strengthen connections with one another. Come enjoy good food, good drinks, good company, and book signing. Hope to see you there - feel free to bring friends and family so we can truly EMPOWER each other through connection! Here are the details:

  • What: Dr. Miller's Book Launch Party for her second book How Well do You Really Know Me?

  • Who: You, me, and your friends and family!

  • When: December 10th, 6-8pm PST

  • Where: Capital Books, 1011 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Please come enjoy an evening of connecting and empowering one another! Hope to see you there!


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