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head vs. heart

we've all heard the term, "head versus heart." but what does it actually mean? as human beings, we make decisions for a variety of reasons. sometimes we use our head, or logic, cognitive-based decision making, and other times we use our heart, or emotionally-based decision making given how we are feeling. decisions can be made in a proactive way or a reactive way. let's get the definitions of each:

proactive [pro- + reactive]: acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes

reactive [re + active]: of, relating to, or marked by reaction or reactance; readily responsive to a stimulus; occurring as a result of stress or emotional upset reactive depression

just looking at the definitions of each word, you can see that proactive is a decision-making strategy that allows people to use their HEADS to solve problems. reactive is a non-strategic decision-making 'un-strategy' that we often resort to when we are using our HEARTS. let's take a look at the current government proposal to solve the school shooting epidemic: arming teachers with guns. this is a very REACTIVE solution to the tragedy that unfolded in parkland, florida. the administration sees the upset, the reaction of all people directly involved, and as a result they want to act based on past events without using their HEADS to think through the logical consequences of arming teachers with guns. there is a proactive solution to the school shooter epidemic. there is a PEACEFUL solution to the school shooter epidemic; this solution involves using our heads to make sure our hearts don't hurt at the hands of a wounded child again.

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