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See Something, Say Something

Students who are at risk for doing something drastic like committing a school shooting often exhibit warning signs LONG before they actually carry out such a horrific act. I am proud to announce that I am partnering with Sandy Hook Promise in an effort to proactively prevent gun violence before it starts.

According to their "Know the Signs" guide, there are several things to look out for with students to help prevent tragic consequences:

  • A strong fascination or obsession with firearms

  • Excessive studying of firearms and mass shootings

  • Exhibiting over-reactions or aggressive behavior for seemingly minor reasons

  • Gestures of violence and low commitment or aspirations toward school OR sudden change in academic performance for the worse

  • Engaging in self-harm and/or violence towards others

  • Long-term victims of bullying and/or being picked on/persecuted by others

  • Extreme feelings of isolation or social withdrawal (due to either real or perceived actions of others)

  • Unsupervised, illegal and/or easy access to firearms and/or bragging about access to firearms

  • Making overt threats of violence (either spoken, written, in pictures, videos, gestures, on social media, etc.)

  • Mental illness and/or behavioral shift

  • Homicidal ideation

  • Talking about or making plans for suicide

  • Bringing a weapon to school

  • Bragging about an upcoming attack

  • Warning a friend to stay away from school or an event

  • Dramatic changes in physical appearance

Much more detailed information can be accessed at where you can access their free "Know the Signs" guide in exchange for your e-mail address. Bottom line is that we have the ability to stop this kind of violence before it starts - if you SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!! If you know someone who is struggling, please SAY SOMETHING at

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